Attempting Agape: Foster Care Adoption, Photographer in Minneapolis, MN

Sunday, December 8, 2019

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9 Things You Need To Do AFTER You Adopt
After the court date and adoption finalization, do these nine things to make sure your adoption is legal, your child is a citizen, and avoid common pitfalls.

Foster Parent Grief and Debriefing
Foster parent debriefing is used to process the heartbreak and grief of foster care when a foster child placement moves and leaves your foster home.

The First Night in Foster Care: What Foster Parents Need to Know
Prepare for the first night with your new first care placement. Tips from an experienced foster parent on how to help everyone feel comfortable and safe.

Concurrent Adoption from Foster Care
Want to adopt a baby from foster care? WHY do workers choose the families they do? How you can be chosen? Unlock the puzzle of concurrent foster care adoption.

Adoption, Dr Ibram X. Kendi and Amy Coney Barrett
Amy Coney Barrett is a parent through adoption. In a tweet that followed, international adoptive parents were called colonizers. Racist or accurate?

Using Technology to Connect with Birth Family
Use Facebook, Shutterfly, and Google to connect with birth family, country, and culture post-adoption, in open, semi-open, and closed adoptions.

Adoption and Foster Care Quotes
150 Quotes and growing – a huge list of adoption and foster care quotes from adoptees, former foster youth, adoptive and foster parents, and professionals.

Lifebooks for Foster Care and Adoption
Learn to create a Lifebook (memory book) for foster and adopted children, while the child in foster care or after finalization. Hands-on tips and resources.

Social Stories when Kids Move Homes in Foster Care
Before moving day, create a social story for your young foster children, to help them understand the move (to adoption, new foster home, or reunification). Lots of tips and examples!

A How-to Guide for Foster Care Adoption
Adoption of babies, children, and teens from foster care is complex but doable. Check out this helpful guide for people considering foster care adoption.