Friday, March 7, 2014

Website Redesign

Website redesign fun!  

If you recall, the old blog design featured many birds, some coming, some going and one Mamma bird staying to sit in the nest.  And believe me, that's what it felt like.  I was the one who stayed, with all the little birdie's circling around.  A constant state of movement, change, uncertainty.

Just recently, I have started to settle into the reality that for this season I am responsible for one.  One little birdie.  Sweetie is here to stay.  And somehow even though she's been in my home 19 months and officially adopted for 11 of those months, until recently it still felt tenuous.  Like that might change somehow (even though legally it was done).  Without me noticing, that's changed.   We are a family deep down, settled, calm.  The rest of the world continues to rock and shake, but I am mamma to this one.  Fresh.  


  1. Hey, just wanted to let you know your header is too big and doesn't all fit.

  2. Thanks Katie - the tricky thing about headers is that they look different on every screen and I have this crazy widescreen monitor that I love, but it obviously didn't translate well. I think it should look better now for more people. Thanks!


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