Friday, May 10, 2013

War against illness

Sweetie has had a runny nose (i.e. fountain of snot) during the day and stuffy (i.e. I can hear her breathing through the door with a fan on) at night, constantly, for MONTHS!

She has also been running fevers on and off for months as well, to the point that I don't even mention them anymore because she JUST got better and is sick again.  I started to just think, "Well this is just who she is.  She's a sicky.  She's teething and a toddler.  Totally okay." Until I realized that the fevers + stuffy/runny isn't actually normal to have for months.

So I am now in a quest to try to help her feel better.  I asked my smart, smart friends on facebook and got lots of helpful tips.  Some of which I am putting into practice to see how she does and if it doesn't work, I'll try some different ones.

The suggestions that I gravitated towards were those that spoke to building up Sweeties own immunity and attempting to make her healthy over all because really, if they don't work to clear up her nose, they are only going to help her overall be healthier.


  • Started giving Udo's Choice Infant's Blend Probiotic to her 3x a day for the next 3 months to build up the good bacteria in her gut and then back down to 1x a day after that.
  • I am also looking into making some milk keifer at home, but am a little more wary of that.  I would love some insights from experienced Mammas.  Setting milk on the counter for 24 hours seems to go against everything I know about keeping milk refrigerated....  but that is what you do to make milk keifer (after adding the keifer grains).
  • We have also switched to unsweetened, plain yogurt so it doesn't have the added sugar which helps yeast to grow.

Vitamin D also come highly recommended to build good immunity and prevent deficiencies   Here is my source website (

We shall see how it goes.  Any advice for me?

Otherwise, Sweetie is doing great!  She is interacting so much and is so much fun to be around.  Its great to be able to form our relationship on another level now that she's growing.  She's such a fun kid.  I got her (and Bella) a pretend bottle and sippy cup for their babies and Sweetie walked right over to the fridge with her pretend sippy, had me open the door, set the sippy inside and closed the door. :)


  1. You should also be able to buy kiefer in the grocery store. Granted, it probably has the sugars in it that aren't desirable. But I've bought it before and my kids love it!

  2. This was our son until he was finally diagnosed with a mild milk allergy. We stayed away from cows milk for a while, he had his adenoids removed at some point and it made such a difference!

  3. We've done both home grown and store bought kefir. No problems w/either, just note the 'natural flavors' or dyes that could potentially be in flavored kefir and just get plain. Then you can flavor it w/whatever fruit, veggie or granola etc that you/Sweetie like. The home grown version takes a bit to get used to as far as timing and temp goes. In summer, it goes fast - probably less than a day or it gets strong and then turns to buttermilk. In winter it's slower, obviously. For me, as the temps warm up, I turn to the store bought since our schedule is more unpredictable and I don't want to fuss w/it. That being said though, you could grow it in the fridge over the summer....also, over the months the grains multiply and then you'll wind up w/some to pass on to someone else or eat =) Both of which are good, but if you forget to do one of those, you'll wind up w/more and more kefir each day...ok, now I'm babbling. SORRY! I enjoy talking about kefir, apparently...praying for you as you navigate these decisions for YOUR DAUGHTER!! Still super exciting to say that...!!!

  4. I ended up with a "bacterial cold" earlier this year. I had a cold that never fully went away and I had an annoying cough and runny nose for a month and then it started getting worse. I finally got antibiotics and it was gone, gone, gone completely in 10 days. I'm not sure if you can give antibiotics to a kid that young but I'd definitely discuss with her doctor if you haven't yet. Could be a simple and quick end to her suffering.

  5. I have been using essential oils for my children for about a year now and have LOVED not having to go to the doctor for every sniffle and sneeze. Please feel free to check out my site: I can help you find free classes in your area or online if you wish.

    I used some on my two year old today for an upset stomach. Best of luck and God Bless.

  6. A friend of mine is going to try raw milk for her little man. He has allergies to dairy and peanuts.


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