Monday, May 20, 2013

Kids on the move

Bella moved on last week, so we are officially back down to me and Sweetie and we're waiting for the phone to ring for our next kiddos.

Which brings me to - ever wonder where kids go after they leave a foster parents home?

This has been my experience (in no specific order):
  • To Grandparents
  • Back with Mom, living in transitional housing
  • Back with Dad
  • Adopted by me
  • To a non-relative adoption
  • Back with Mom, living at a treatment center that accepts kids with parents
  • Back with Mom

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  1. I am not a foster parent and have always wondered what the ending time is like. I read and found your post on the first 24 hour incredibly informative now this makes me wonder what the last 24 is like.


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