Sunday, January 27, 2013

A few fellow bloggers highlights

Three totally unrelated but awesome blog posts I wanted to highlight this fine evening.   So much good stuff out there!!

  • Foster Parenting Creates a Future, Without Erasing the Past: I thought love was a comforting emotion. Instead, I have found it to be an unbridled force, stretching my heart to make room for that which I once would have found unlovable. (Read more)

  • One mother shares her tips on preventing child sexual abuse: Of course these tips are in no guarantee that your children will be safe but my hope is that after reading this you will take time to educate your children, talk to them about protecting their bodies and will pay more attention to how your children are feeling and behaving. You may feel that I am being a little over the top with my advice but as a survivor of this evil, I can’t help but be passionate about protecting my children. Even if you only implement one of these suggestions, you are helping to stop prevent childhood sexual abuse around the world. (Read more)

  • How to Read an Adoptee Blog Without Getting Offended: Reading other people's perceptions about adoption isn't always easy. There are people within the adoption experience who have different roles in adoption that give them different perspectives. Regardless of role in adoption, there are different feelings, opinions, and experiences. Adoption is so deeply personal to those who live it. (Read more)

Enjoy and tell me what I need to be reading (great recent blog posts) in the comments below.

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