Monday, December 3, 2012

Cast your vote! Kids are not garbage.

When the people at Together We Rise were asked what they'd do with a $1 million grant. Here’s what they had to say!

Our organization would use a large portion of the $1MM grant to provide over 30,000 kids entering the foster care system with a Sweet Case ( Duffel bags & care packages ) so they don’t have to travel from home to home in a trash bag. Close to 50% of foster youth will go homeless within 18 months after turning 18, a large part of this is because the lack of transportation and resources. We would use another portion of the funds to purchase thousands of bicycles for foster youth preparing to transition out of care. A foster youth with a car is a rare situation, so these bikes play a vital role in their transition to society. The remaining funds would go to our I’m Aging Out program & our recreational programs.

Lets help them win it - cast your vote TODAY!  The last day to vote is tomorrow, 12/4/2012 with the results broadcast on Saturday, Dec. 8, 8/7c on NBC!

VOTE HERE, I just did.

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  1. I would like it if me made sure they could actually drive a car! It is one of the few things that can help them move forward in life, when a bike is not useful in inclement weather and over time, they spend more trying to keep up with our cultural milestones than they do moving forward. That and have a job! They need to learn to work and have real lives.


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