Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sweetness is Growing

Little Sweetie continues to do really well here and is eating up being an only child.  And she is growing up far, far too quickly.

She's put on 2 pounds in the 6 weeks she's been here and she just turned 8 months old.  For the past two nights she's been sleeping through the night with no bottles and I just moved her into her own room and out of mine.  I am glad she's growing, healthy and thriving - but I am also feeling nostalgic already about the fact that she's growing.  I know there are many stages and things yet to come (that I am very excited about), but today I am sad that she is starting to transition out of that baby, baby stage and into more of an older infant/toddler stage.  It happened far too fast, since I missed the first 6 little months of her life.


  1. Amazing how fast they grow, isn't it? Glad she is doing so well :)

  2. You know, from one mom to another, don't let anyone tell you how fast your child has to grow. I know that we need to let them grow, and I don't suggest holding them back. But sometimes I feel that in society, there is so much pressure to push our little ones in to stages. Enjoy and savor her babyhood and don't let it end just because the kids next door were able to read at 2 and solve math problems at 5. Children can use mommyness for many years before they move on to new stages.
    My 7 year old enjoyed being the youngest. She still likes to come, sit on my lap and look in to my eyes, feeling that nurturing warmth. My 10 year old doesn't like to admit it much, but she finds her way in to my arms often. It dawns on me that children are very much children far longer than society likes to make them be. So celebrate Sweety with all your heart, and know that she will fit in your lap, cozy and cute for a long time still...
    There. My 2 unrequested cents, LOL!! Gabie


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