Tuesday, September 11, 2012

No babysitters??

I don't want to leave Sweetie with anyone else.  Ever.  Or at least for a couple months.  I have amazing, amazing babysitters who will do an amazing, amazing job, but she is still working on getting to know me.  I don't even want other people to hold her, so she can attach to me.  (She's had 4 Moms and 3 homes in 7 months.)

This may be a problem since I work one day a week, starting next week.

Help!  Am I crazy?  Will she be okay?  Will attachment be all screwed up with one day away a week?

She is 7 months old and has been here just over 2 weeks.

Seriously stressing about this.  Ug.


  1. Alisa,

    I feel for you! As a foster mom AND an adoptive mom I understand where you are coming from. With you only working one day a week, that will help with Sweetie attaching to you. Give her lots of skin to skin contact while holding her and massage her little arms and legs all the time! Praying that she is receptive still to contact, poor baby way to many moves and I'm glad she's with you! (I reading your blogs and I feel like I know your heart through your words).
    I have 8 year old twins with severe reactive attachment, I thank God daily because it could always be worse! :(
    I would start taking her over to which ever babysitter you are going to take her to so she knows it's ok to stay there. To be honest, leaving her and coming back might be the best thing for her!
    Your in my prayers and I thank you for loving the children!
    God Bless
    Kendra :)

  2. your not crazy you want to give her stability. I agree with Kendra it will be ok and you should let her get to know the babysitter. Good luck keeping you in my prayers.


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