Friday, August 24, 2012

The best things come in threes

This week has been a crazy one.

When I got home from Michigan, my first goal was to reorganize and decorate my nursery, so after a trip to Menard's on the way home from the airport, I started tearing apart the nursery.  Took everything off the wall, piled all the furniture in the middle of the room... and the phone rings.

"Hi, I know you are technically still on vacation, but...  two sisters, ages 21 months and 3 years*, probebly short term, but they need a place next Monday."

"Okay, that works for me.   And since we have a little wiggle room, I'd love to get together with the girls a few times to get to know them before they move."  Sweet.  Done.

Yesterday,  "Hi, I have a baby girl for you...  6 months old**, needs a place on Monday."

"Okay, bring her on over."

Ready.  Set.  Go.  Monday.

*Charmer and Peanut


  1. Oh, three girls at once...what a dream for me! I got three boys at once, haha!

  2. Yeah, its surreal that tomorrow I will have three of any kindof child, but girls are super fun (as are boys)! :)


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