Saturday, June 2, 2012

Join me in the insanity. Pinterest.

Pinterest world - I have arrived.

And I am having a blast.  You, the world 'o Pinterest, tried to find me a few years back.  Some well meaning soul invited me, thinking the artsy fartsy type of lady I am might enjoy it.  After taking about a minute to look around, I decided it wasn't for me.  Judged this book by its cover (or bad pins).  My sister talks relentlessly about it and comes up with all these sweet ideas, but I never saw the lasting appeal.

That is until I learned to search by topic and key word,.  The world has opened up and I found a treasure trove of fun to be had.

Foster care, adoption, adoption photography - waiting and already placed, rainbows, childhood cancer awareness and quotes, quotes and more quotes!  Aahum... I am hooked.    Join me in the insanity.  You can follow my random pins, comment on them, tag me (using the @ sign and Alisa (Foster Mamma).  Lets play.

Also, if you haven't yet joined the craze and want to, shoot me your email, I will totally invite you so you can come out and play too!

Some of the many gems:

Source: via Alisa on Pinterest


  1. Shoot- am I the sister who talks "relentlessly" about it?

  2. Yeah, but in a good way. But did you notice that on Sunday I was talking about a pin I did without any comments in your direction? I am claiming the crazy. :)


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