Thursday, June 21, 2012

Be The Change...

Take a minute and check out these great organizations that are doing something to fix the broken system of foster care, by being knowledgeable voices speaking for change and helping kids be kids by attending camps and living their best life now.  We all say we want change, but what are we doing to affect change?   I am personally challenged.  Now how to do more... 

FCAA provides opportunities for alumni to know each other, to share support and information, and to become an extended family for each other. Whether attending meetings, responding to chat rooms, or participating in event, we share our alumni stories and experiences as well as build networks of friendship across the nation.  We also work with our allies (those people who haven’t been in foster care but who share our mission), including organizational members, to influence practice and policy in foster care. We do this through participation on boards/committees, by providing training for foster parents and social workers, by raising awareness with the public about foster care issues, and through legislative advocacy.

Our Vision is that every foster child, ages 6 to 12, experiences a life changing camp, club and mentor.  Our mission is to create life changing moments for children of abuse.  Our prpose is to mobilize the faith community to confront child abuse.  Our strategy is to launch and sustain camps, clubs and mentors.  Our values are that we treat people royally, keep moving forward and make moments matter.

The foster care system can be a confusing and sometimes disheartening place, but through our fundraising and network of passionate volunteers we strive to give foster children a brighter future, a sense of normalcy and belonging. Events like the National Build-a-Bike Tour, Sports Camps, and Sweet Cases allow foster youth to get out and play and learn new skills just like any other kid. Our Aging Out program also provides resources to older youth who are leaving the foster care system. We strive to be the helping hand that foster youth need so that they may go confidently onto their futures.

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  1. Hi Alisa, I actually stumbled upon your blog from doing Google image search and it brought me to your sad but true picture. It is SO true, the system IS broken, I'm so excited that you and others are making steps to fix it. :) I'm familiar with Royal Family Kids, I've been blessed to be a part of a camp in California for 10 years! I haven't heard of the others, though, I look forward to checking those out as well as your other posts.

    Take care!


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