Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New Blog Layout

Not too exciting, but I have added some new sections to the blog in an effort to make it easier to get around and understand what is going on at a glance.

Here are the sections:

  • Cast of Characters: A brief bio of me and my long term kidos - current and those discussed previously.
  • All things FC:  An overview of all things included in foster care, the ins, the outs and everything in between - lots of great general information for those just starting out fostering or interested in educating themselves.
  • FC/Adoption Blogs:  A growing list of all types of foster care and adoption blogs.  For now, the categories are: Birth Families, Adoptees, Foster Families, Foster Alumni, Adoptive Families and Social Workers. If you'd like your blog to be featured, shoot me an email and I will take a look at your site. 
  • Guest Posts:  Information on how you can be featured on Attempting Agape and any current blog posting topics I am getting ready to pull together.
  • Contact:  If you want to find me, do it here.  I am now on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

Anything else I should add that would be helpful?

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