Saturday, May 19, 2012

Agape Project: Video About Open Adoption

I saw this video on YouTube a few days back and would love to start a conversation around this video - 

Birth parents, adoptive parents and everyone in between,
  • What are your thoughts on watching this video?  
  • Is it accurate in your experience?  
Lets discuss.


  1. That was beautiful. I've never seen anything quite like that, that focuses on the birth parents. It makes me a little envious, to tell you the truth. The families I meet through foster care are mostly just angry--and that's understandable. They're going through a really hard time. And they haven't had the choice or the time to gain perspective on it all the way these moms seem to have had. But it does inspire me to want to show them more love through that difficulty. I always feel really awkward, but maybe if I was more vocal about my support while they struggle to get through that hard time, maybe they would feel like they had an ally.

  2. I agree Chazley - it seems like night and day from the relationship we, as foster parents, seem to be able to have with birth family. On day 1 with a new family, I let them know I am on their side, I want the kids to be able to come home with them to a healthy, stable house, but 3 months into the placement, it always gets adversarial as they fight to get their kids back. I understand it, but I wish I could have this type of relationship with my kidos birth families - and I wish my kidos could hear these words of love and compassion come from their birth families - no matter where the kids end up living in the long run.

  3. Sweet, and probably true for those birth mothers who "CHOSE" to place their babies. The birth moms who lose their children to foster care it's different. I am foraging a friendship with our twin's birth mom because I care about her and she is hurting deeply. She tells me she cries herself to sleep and I know it has to be true. At this point, though, the relationship is between her and me. Maybe someday there could be a relationship that goes further than that? Don't know.


It'll be a pleasure hearing your thoughts. Alisa