Thursday, December 29, 2011

Goodnight, I'll See You Tomorrow

Every parent has a standard phrase they say every night as they walk out of the room at night.  I have realized that mine is, "Goodnight, I'll See You Tomorrow."   It wasn't my plan, but I have found that I say it, every night without fail.   If I thought about it more, I would want it to be deeper, carry more meaning.

I would want it to be more like a movie I saw once.  Every night, as he turns out the light, the caretaker says to a roomful of orphaned boys, "Goodnight you princes of Maine, you kings of New England."   Both the context and the way it was said spoke volumes.  The message is one of destiny, hope and a dream for a different future than the obvious.  It says to me that anything is possible for ANY child, at any time, in any circumstance.  So, if I was to rethink my goodnight, it would be something like that.

But as of now, to my kids, I give the one gift that I can - the promise of stability for at least one more day.  Tomorrow, they will wake up.  I will be here, caring for them, loving them.  So many questions these little ones have about when they will see their parents, when will they get to go home, when will the next thing change.  I give them the gift of all the stablity I can control...  Goodnight dear ones, sleep well, I WILL see you in the morning.

Seems so simple.  Such a logical thing for kids to expect, but nearly every night I see the sigh of relief and imagine that there is one less unanswered question.  So, although I might edit it at some point, to add a deeper meaning, for now ~ it is perfect.

*Do you have something you say every night?  How did you land on that?


  1. We always say, "Goodnight, I love you and Jesus loves you!" For the babies, we also say, "Goodnight moon!" We say the first one b/c that's what my father in law said each night or every time we left. He really wanted to be sure we knew we were loved by Jesus! The phrase reminds us of him =) The best part is hearing the kids say it back...even the new kids!

  2. Love that DramaMama! How fun to have something meaningful on so many levels. And it really would be so sweet to hear that out of their little mouths. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I always say "I love you forever" before I put Lina in her crib for the matter what changes, no matter what happens, she will know that my love is there in everything, for always.

  4. Marissa - do you read that book to her too? I love, love that one. And what a sweet present to leave her with - whatever comes.

  5. Mine is "goodnight! I love you. See you in the morning!" My son and I also have a hand gesture that goes along with it.

    You are so right how important this stability is to our kiddos though. Those who don't have fosters may not realize how often foster kiddos ask things that may surprise regular everyday one of my daughters asks me when I drop her off at school "will you pick me up after school?" - once she was dropped off by a foster parent and then the caseworker brought her to my house after school.

  6. Although that seems so simple, it DOES speak volumes. To hear, for children who come from such turbulence at home, that you will see them tomorrow, must really resignate with them. That is the stability every child yearns for! And not only that you will be there, but that you will really BE there. Be present. Be engaged. Be stable for them! It sounds small, but it is not! What you are doing, and providing, for these babies is amazing Alisa.

  7. @Mie - how heart wrenching is your daughters story! Sometimes its hard to have to clean up messes that other people have made in our kids lives. Glad that everyday since then she's known that you will be picking her up. Everyday she just needs to hear it again. I am sure is speaks volumes of love. It makes me think of the Princess Bride, where Westly never said "I love you" but said "As you wish." For your daughter, she is just hoping to hear once again every day - "Yeah Babe, I'll see you after school". Code for those tough days.

    @Christy - thanks - so true!


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