Monday, September 19, 2011

My First Guest Post: Are You Really a Mom If You Have No Kids?

Foster2ForeverI am officially a true-blogger.  I have done my first guest post on another blog.  So fun to see my words on another site for foster parents, grown-up foster kids and those who love us!  So go to Foster 2 Forever and check out my first guest post: 

Are You Really a Mom If You Have No Kids?

"When my recent placements moved on and my house and arms were empty,  I started asking myself a simple, yet profound question –  Is it possible to be a Mom and no kids?  I mean, what does it mean to be a mom?  So, I did what any self respecting 31 year-old would do, I opened my laptop and googled the word Mom.  I found my answer, kind of.  Even Wikipedia, the go to definer of words, sounded stumped....."   

Check out Foster 2 Forever for the rest. :)


  1. :) I saw this over at Penny's place earlier today. Didn't know it was your first guest post. How fun!!!

    I think you handled this topic well, but I would also say that this is one of those things I think that "alternative parents" have to deal with forever. This question - am I a "real" parent lasts forever I think. While you and I know that we're mothers because we act as mothers to our kiddos, the reality is that we're a different kind of mother - we're not the same as the mother who gives birth to and then raises their child until he/she is grown. We have to deal with this world of foster care and we have to deal with the reality that we're not their biological parent - that they go home, that they aren't "ours". I think it's the same type of struggle, though obviously different, that the birth mothers go through when they're in the situations you mentioned. Mothers but not mothers. Mothers in part, if there is such of thing. Kind-of mothers. I point this out not to take away from your post or that you (andI) are mothers, but to not let the feeling of "incompleteness" as a mother not go unnoticed to those who would otherwise not have experienced it. That part of it really sucks. The fact that we have to justify our positions as mothers at all you know...sucky :/

  2. Mie, Thanks - I so appreciated your thoughts. "Mothers but not mothers." Too true... and yes sucky. A unique tension and burden. You stated this beautifully. Thanks!


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