Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Graze Day with Monkey

Last night, Monkey started begging for something new.  This girl is persistent beyond anyone I have seen before.  She will wear you down and keep wearing you down until, she hopes, you'll crack.  So far, I have done okay on sticking to the guns that matter.  But when she started asking me for a graze day, she peaked my interest and weakened my resolve.

My first question was what is a graze day?  And why, oh why do we need one SO badly?

Then the explanation a graze day is where you wear your pajamas all day, don't go anywhere, eat junk food and just have fun.  And she was BEGGING ME for one.

So we stayed home most of the day, wore our pajamas until 2pm, played video games, board games, made sugar cookies from scratch, ate lots of said cookies and ate total junk for meals.  We did break the rules a bit - we went to the park. :)

It was a wasteful day, I threw away tons of cookie dough and the hugest cookie ever made.  We cleaned up after ourselves more times than I can count.  We ran through projects like they were nothing.  And you know what, it didn't matter.  Because it was a way to say "yes" to a little girl who I say "no" to a lot and it was all about relationships.

I like graze days - I think we'll keep doing them.

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