Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Massive Blessing of Stuff

Here is the email I just got!! I know I shared this before, but I am just blown away...

"I have alot of stuff to give you so you will need a truck. I have 6 carseats (2 booster, 2 toddler and 2 infant) and a crib, strollers (both a single and a double stroller) I can give you a highchair and booster chair that also has a tray which works nice if you have 2 babies or a toddler and a baby. I have bottles, formula, infant cereal that is all still good and cups, bowls etc. There is clothes in every size from nb-7 or 8, both boy and girl. I have toys, 2 bikes for kids 5-7 years old (one boys and one girls) if you would like to have them. I don't have helmets for with them but they are nice bikes. Hopefully you can come this week to pick the things up. I need to make room in my garage for more boxes as we are packing to move May 1st. "

Went and picked up the stuff today (4/15) and there is even more than I was expecting. Our truck was BULGING on the way home. It barely fit. Below are some of the picts of my loot. I have never been so blessed.


  1. Wow- I praise God for His AMAZING provision.

  2. I know right? I am so blessed. I checked out your blog, it looks great! Sounds like you are in the "waiting game". I so remember that feeling - in fact I will be right there with you again after my kidos leave in a few days. Rough but worth it. G'luck in the wait, hoping for an amazingly perfect first placement (even if its crazy hard :-p ).


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